Shil Shanghavi is an extraordinary public speaker.

Shil has a severe stutter, and for him to communicate on a daily basis – let alone speak from stage – requires staggering effort, beyond that required of the greatest professional speakers. 

He juggles a number of complex strategies in his mind to maintain balance, fluency and rhythm, creating harmony for his audience.

Shil has a remarkable ability to simplify these complex methods so he can transfer his knowledge to every single person in the room, and in doing so, he creates a personal experience every time he speaks.

Through his workshops and keynotes, Shil speaks on public speaking, storytelling and storysharing, and their applications across all forms of communication in business and life.

Audience members have described Shil’s performances as “extraordinary” “impossible” “masterful” and “potent“.

We invite you to step into this masterful, impossible world, experience what it feels like to push yourself to your limit, and believe that your message is worth sharing.



In 2019, Perth film maker Scott Quayle approached me with a crazy idea – he wanted to make a short film documentary about me!

Scott wanted to reveal the personal reasons behind me leaving my full-time job to start Chatterbox, and an intimate look at what drives me every single day to support people in getting better at public speaking.

After 12 months of filming – including navigating through a global pandemic, SHIL was released in February 2021.

We hope anyone watching this film feels inspired to dig deep within themselves to face their fears and flourish in life.


Artificial Intelligence


Shil uses Artificial Intelligence to analyse, coach, and measure communication, public speaking and storytelling.

Leveraging Technology

Using the data through AI, Shil can analyse areas such as eye contact, language, pace, tone and storytelling – and use this data to pinpoint specifics areas of improvement.


Why book Shil?

It was fantastic to see Shil in action – his personal story was brilliantly interwoven into a really instructive exploration into the nuances of public speaking. Everyone I spoke to said Shil’s talk was their highlight.

Meri Fatin  
WA Climate Leaders

“Shil was excellent! He is a great example and proof that anyone can learn to do public speaking – a real inspiration. I would recommend Shil to any organisation seeking to upskill their staff on the finer art of delivering a story, message or story in an effective and engaging manner.”

Peter Revelas 
Director, Business Advisory
RSM Australia

“I had the pleasure of seeing Shil deliver an incredibly inspirational and high-impact conference session. As well as being an exceptional speaker with a world-class mastery of his subject matter, he clearly cares deeply about delivering a great outcome for his clients too.  Add to all of this the fact Shil is an authentic, humble and throughly likeable guy and you’ll understand why it’s so easy for me to recommend him so highly.

Steve Revill 
Managing Director
Rickard Luckin

Shil joined our L&D event with over 400 people and gave such an inspirational, emotional and impactful perspective on his journey. Thanks for being incredible Shil, a true inspiration!

Paola De Marchi
UK Director of Learning and Development Publicis Groupe

Shil not only helped me to overcome my fear of public speaking but he coached and guided me to deliver a 10- minute talk in front of 2,000 guests while remaining calm and focussed throughout the entire process. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough!

Paul Iskov
Head Chef & TEDxPerth Speaker

From the very beginning to the final round of applause, the room was totally silent listening to every word that Shil spoke. It felt like Shil had taken you on a journey on an emotional level and on an intellectual level.

Joseph Ohayon
Regional Director
CFO Centre

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