Game changers in public speaking



Virtual Reality is a creative method for presenting to an audience – without the pressure of being in front of an audience.

Through VR you experience a gradual and staged approach, called exposure therapy, as you gently work towards your goal of presenting effectively in front of a live audience. 

This is hugely beneficial to any speaker, as it gives you the chance to rehearse your presentation against a CGI or prerecorded audience in a safe environment. 

If you forget your speech, lose your way or panic – no problem.  You’ll get time in front of a virtual crowd to adjust to the feeling of public speaking. 

Shil’s Virtual Reality simulation is unique to Perth, and rare to the world. It’s one of the groundbreaking tools you can use to become a better presenter.

The VR




This unique platform uses an intuitive Artificial Intelligence which records, analyses and provides feedback on how we speak, so we can strengthen our communication ability across interviews, meetings, networking events, presentations and social situations.

It includes a library of best practice presenting and storytelling content, speaking games and interview strategies.

This platform:

  • Improves our speaking confidence, without the pressure of being in front of an audience.
  • Provides information on metrics such as speaking pace, eye contact, pausing, flow and language.
  • Sharpens our conciseness, ability to cope under pressure and lateral thinking.
  • Simulates real time Q&A for interview situations.
  • Can be used at home or in the office 

Understanding the data behind how we speak is an excellent way to strengthen our speaking skills.