Chatterbox Public Speaking exists to transform you into a  capable, charismatic and courageous presenter. 

Through expert coaching, team experiences and pioneering VR technology, Shil will show you how to control your fear of public speaking so you can tell stories and deliver unforgettable presentations.

Renowned for teaching intuitive public speaking skills, Shil’s coaching methods will demonstrate how to succeed in business and life by understanding the hidden dynamics of presenting and speaking with impact to engage and influence audiences.







Why Shil?

Shil’s personal story, connected to his key messages on public speaking and storytelling is very powerful – The audience were 100% engaged throughout. I wouldn’t hesitate to engage him again!

Jo Heyes
Global Practice Lead, Technical Capability

Bringing a clear message, and sharing stories for illustration, as well as practical strategies for controlling fear during public speaking, Shil was a fantastic presenter for the Sundowner series. Thank you Shil!

Andrea Walters
Editor, Workplace Conversations
Australian Institute of Management, WA

From the first moment the team met Shil, he instilled confidence in our capacity to speak passionately about our otitis media in Aboriginal children initiatives. Thanks to Shil’s gentle and patient coaching, our State of the Ears Conferencewas a great success.

Professor Harvey Coates
Clinical Professor Paediatric Otolaryngology
University of Western Australia