Elevate your team’s communication skills


Elevate your team’s communication, business development and relationship building capability.

The Clarity Model ©

The Clarity Model is a powerful tool which simplifies all aspects of communication.

Working through various elements of presenting, this model is a culmination of science, story and strategy – all delivered through Shil’s personal experience.

Through conversation,  interaction, presentation and play – some of the focus areas include content creation, presentation structure, visual aids and story creation – and every part of this model can be customised to any industry.

By the time your team has experienced the Clarity Model they will build their skills for business development, conversations, interviews, presenting and networking – skills which will remain with them for a lifetime.


A selection of clients Shil has worked with.


We had the pleasure of attending a corporate training course with Shil where we had public speaking and storytelling sessions. 

I really enjoyed the simple yet effective techniques Shil introduced to help address issues such as building our story and then putting structure around the message. I would highly recommend people attend this course to refine their grounding and build their confidence in public speaking. Thank you Shil!

Kevin West
Innovation Facilitation Lead

I cannot recommend Shil’s training highly enough. His skill for teaching the art of storytelling is amazing!

Since the training with Shil, I have had the opportunity to use his technique on several occasions – a panel interview, an abstract submission, a training event and when mentoring others.

Highly recommend, if you have not had the opportunity to be part of one of Shil’s workshops, do yourself a huge favour and reach out to him.

He is very welcoming, accepting humble and a highly regarded expert.

Jodie Ferguson
Community Services Award Winner

Shil is engaging, warm, and inspiring. A master at storytelling, from the moment he stepped into the room, Shil was compelling and entertaining. The workshop was a powerful blend of Shil’s personal lived experience and professional development around presenting and public speaking, with information that can be easily applied to the prep for your next speaking engagement.

 I cannot recommend Shil highly enough!

Sarah Nickson
General Manager, Goldfields
HOPE Community Services

Shil’s program totally changed my perspective on networking and public speaking. While these abilities may not come naturally to all of us, Shil’s coaching made me realise that public speaking is a craft; a skill. A skill that needs to be learned, developed and practiced.

April Hannah
Matrix Sustainability

My role involves a lot of presenting and, although I am a confident public speaker, I was keen to improve my skills by attending Shil’s 6 week public speaking course. I loved every second of every session. You are an inspirational teacher and I am your #1 fan!

Kym Spann
Student and Graduate Engagement Manager
Engineers Australia

I learnt so much from Shil’s program! It went above and beyond the usual “basics” in communication. I would happily recommend him for anyone at any level who was looking to improve their public speaking skills.


Nicole Locke
Asset Management System and Risk Water Corporation