Stories to inspire and liven up any event 

Shil combines authenticity, vulnerability and powerful stories to build engaging keynotes which leave attendees enthusiastic, galvanized and ready for change.
Shil has also developed a concept called Storysharing, where he co-creates narratives with his audience, encouraging every person in the room to feel comfortable to share their message.

If you would like to see Shil in action, please watch his speaker reel below.

Shil can customise each presentation according to your audience and event theme. He can also work with event coordinators to tailor timing depending on your agenda.


A selection of clients Shil has shared stories with.


I recently had the pleasure to listen to Shil presenting at a conference. With engaged lightness filled with humour, he guided us through the Art of Storytelling and how to communicate with confidence! Shil completely owned the room, had everyone’s attention, using his own presentation and life experience as examples. If you get the chance to listen to Shil – take it! ” 

Caisa Westin
Revideco AB

Shil recently presented his Storybook session at our annual conference. The content was so relevant, the session inspiring and the presenter prepared. I took so much away for that session, more than what was delivered. The underlying grit and determination that Shil has to do what he does is an added gift he shares with his audience.

Donovan Odendaal
Audit Director
Bentleys Australia and New Zealand

I’ve been with Bentleys for 13 years, and without a doubt Shil’s keynote presentation was one of the best I’ve experienced. Shil’s ability to fill the room with excitement, engage the audience (Accountants!), and leave us with new skills and tools to add to our professional and personal tool kit was outstanding. If you haven’t booked Shil as your next keynote speaker, I’d highly recommend you do. 

Heidi Mayhew-Sanders
People and Culture Director
Bentleys Australia and New Zealand

From the moment Shil stepped on stage, his presentation was different. If you are looking for an inspiring keynote speaker for your next conference or event, I can highly recommend Shil Shanghavi!

Louise Hutchings
Marketing Manager
Bentleys Australia and New Zealand

Shil had the room captivated for a full 40 minutes, shared amazing stories of his own journey and and most importantly was able to bring this back to the purpose of the day. I would not hesitate to recommend Shil for any public speaking engagement, you won’t regret it!

Stephen O’Keefe
Telstra Business Centre

Shil presented an engaging and impactful message at the recent LG Professionals Conference at the Crown – a great reminder that from every adversity there is a greater or equal opportunity. I’d recommend Shil for any conference or leadership event!

Cherry McNicol
Manager, Human resources
Town of Port Hedland