Initiatives + Positive Impact Projects

I spent my childhood growing up in Kenya, surrounded by wildlife. Every day I would watch crocodiles, monkeys, lizards, spiders and
snakes – creatures that were very different from each other – find a way to co-exist.

By watching these animals, I became fascinated by the natural world. Over time, I realised everything on Earth is connected to maintain a healthy, habitable, thriving planet.

Through sharing stories in the wildlife conservation space I want to restore balance, protect and rehabilitate our planet so it continues to thrive for generations and to do that, here are some of the initiatives I am involved in:

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Every year, I calculate my emissions and offset this through carbon credits. I have also reduced my intake of red meat, practicing better recycling practices, and teaching myself to be aware of the circular economy.

Planting Trees

Every year my goal is to plant 500+ trees, further contributing to the restoration of our planet and I am doing this in partnership with Carbon Positive Australia.

Carbon Positive Australia plants trees in Australia to educate people, capture carbon, and restore ecosystems, which increases biodiversity. 

Philanthropic Projects

To continually bring awareness of animal conservation, I created Wild Stories.

Through this program I am training conservationists, animal enthusiasts and filmmakers on their storytelling skills, so they can raise awareness on animal conservation and climate change.

I have witnessed some of the world’s most beautiful places affected by climate change. By documenting my observations, I want to bring more attention to the challenge we face.


As a young environmentalist in a field where there is an overwhelming amount of work to be done and so many people to be reached with a myriad of barriers and hurdles, you often worry about whether your voice will be heard. Through going through Shil Shanghavi’s Public Speaking course, guided by his approach to sharing knowledge and building capacity from within. I have been able to not only genuinely start to speak out but also, due to the skills and thought I have acquired through his mentorship in his course, I have been able to be heard. It is from this experience of impactful growth that I highly recommend Shil Shanghavi.

Ledama Masidza
Environmental Programme Manager at Oceans Alive Trust. Working with Marine Conservation & Community Fisheries Management

Shil is an exceptional public speaking coach with an incredible and personalised programme. The Wild Stories Public Speaking course helped me to increase my confidence in communicating and networking with people. I also got an insight into the importance of breathing, pausing and slowing down during a presentation and how I can practice this. The Clarity Model was particularly helpful for me as I learned how to structure and deliver my speeches and presentations. Overall, the course helped me be willing to accept speaking or presentation opportunities and will be a guiding light in my wildlife storytelling journey.

Victoria (Wangui) Wanjohi
Wildlife Ecologist, Writer and Editor at Nyika Silika, Digital Media Specialist, Conservation and Sustainability Storyteller